BOOSTER - High Current Applications

The BOOSTER10A module increases the maximum current of the PGSTAT204, M204, PGSTAT100N, PGSTAT128N or PGSTAT302N to 10 Ampere. The maximum current of the PGSTAT302N can be increased to 20 A with BOOSTER20A. When working in combination with the booster the compliance voltage of the PGSTAT100N/302N is reduced to 20 V. 

With its fast response time, the Autolab booster has been optimized to perform electrochemical impedance measurements, in combination with the FRA32M module, on fuel cells, batteries and super-capacitors. The booster is able to handle active as well as passive cells.

With the booster you can measure the charge and discharge characteristics of super-capacitors, perform measurements on fuel cells or perform DC or AC measurements on large area electrodes.

Application areas:

  • All DC and AC electrochemical measurements on large area electrodes
  • Determination of charge discharge characteristics of super-capacitors
  • Electrochemical impedance measurements on fuel cells, batteries and super-capacitors
  • Measurements of the I - V characteristics of fuel cells