Autolab Optical bench

Software programmable light source and bench

The Metrohm Autolab optical bench provides the means to study the electrochemical behavior of photovoltaic cells, like dye sensitized solar cells. The light source used in this setup is a highly focused LED. The bench includes a software programmable LED Driver which can be used to control the light source output.

The light source itself is fitted with a quick release system, allowing a fast exchange of the light source and wavelength. It is supplied with a default 627 nm light source.

Application notes illustrating the use of this device are available (Part 1, 2 and 3). 

The following items are part of Optical bench kit.

Item Description
LED Driver Autolab LED Driver, 700 mA output
Optical bench Complete optical bench
LDC655 LED Cover, deep red, 655 nm
LDC627 LED Cover, red, 627 nm, included with the LED Driver
LDC617 LED Cover, red-orange, 617 nm


LED Cover, amber, 590 nm
LDC530 LED Cover, green, 530 nm
LDC505 LED Cover, cyan, 505 nm
LDC470 LED Cover, blue, 470 nm
LDCCW LED Cover, cool white
LDCWW LED Cover, warm white
LDCNW LED Cover, neutral white